We are stockists of the range of flue products available from Oriel Flues.

Based in Ardee, Co. Louth, Oriel Flues are specialist manufacturers of a complete range of flue components for the residential market in Ireland, including domestic cooker flues, chimney flues, stove flues and a variety of vitreous flue components.

Founded in 2000, Oriel Flues have quickly established themselves as the number 1 supplier in Ireland.

oriel composite

We are able to supply their twinwall and single wall flue systems as well as their range of enamel flue systems for multifuel stoves and boilers.

If necessary, we can advise you on any special requirements for your particular heating situation and liaise with Oriel Flues who will design and manufacture flues to suit most applications.

Our experienced and HETAS trained staff will carry out the installation of your flue safely and efficiently to give you the peace of mind that comes from a job properly done to the highest standards.

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