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Chimney Typhoon Rotary Chimney Cleaning System

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Power Sweeping has become the preferred method of Chimney and Flue sweeping.

Power Sweeping removes more deposits than traditional sweeping and is far kinder to all flues and stainless steel liners. The Chimney Typhoon kit is available in 8m size and includes a Cleaning Power Head, Drill Adapter, Allen Key and Plastic Dust Sheet. Just add your drill (1.5mAh to 2.5mAh recommended) and everything is supplied in the full kit to begin power-sweeping flues and chimneys.

Chimney Typhoon sweeping rods are a quality product, designed for sweeping tight bends in lined and twin walled chimneys. Simply using your drill to power your brush makes cleaning easier and faster and removes considerably more soot than traditional hand sweeping.

The Chimney Typhoon power sweeping kit is perfect for tight bends where drain rods are not suitable and will clean your flu-like a professional. Our Flexible rods are able to clean round tight bends and 45-degree angles with ease. The Chimney Typhoon system is suitable for all types of chimneys. The brush head spins out with centrifugal force to clean as small as 4 inches up to 14 inches. Chimney Typhoon will clean all shapes of a chimney, getting right to the corners of square and rectangle chimneys. The Chimney Typhoon brush head is designed so it will not scratch or damage the flu or chimney. Chimney Typhoon Rods are glued, crimped and pinned, this removes the risk of losing rods up the chimney, however, due to the way the system works once the drill power stops the head and rods are likely to fall to the bottom.

In use the Chimney Typhoon head will spin and break up soot and creosote build-up in your flue, add rods as you go by disconnecting the drill driver, adding another 1-metre rod and continue until you reach the top of the flue. Chimney Typhoon can clean - Liners, Twin Walled systems, Masonry, Round, Rectangular, Square and many more.

The rods are so flexible that you can clean directly through your stove limiting the soot created making cleaning efficient and easy. The Chimney Typhoon cleaning kit will navigate all flues including those with 90-degree bends and multiple 45-degree bends. Our specially designed brush head will clean from 4 inches up to 14 inches, the strands are chemically resistant and durable.

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