Smart Sweep Rotary Chimney Cleaning System

Smart Sweep Chimney Cleaning Kit

The Smart Sweep is a Rotary Chimney Cleaning Kit designed to be used in any type of flue above most combustion appliances, with a power drill (which is not supplied). It is obviously easier to use the device through a traditional fire opening, but Smart Sweep can also be used through stoves and other heating appliances connected with flue pipes of 125mm, (5 inches) diameter and above.

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What you will get with this kit:iq 03

  • 8 x 1.25 metre POM rods - There are eight rods supplied with this kit – providing sufficient assembly to remove soot products from a ten metre, (33 feet) high chimney. If a longer flue or chimney requires cleaning, additional rods are also available.
  • 1 Flail Head with 8 Flails - The Flail Head is designed to remove loose soot particles and fly ash from the walls of the flue.
  • 1 Drill Adaptor - The Drill Adaptor should be used in a conventional drill chuck. Drills should be set without hammer action.

Price: €110.00 including delivery within Ireland

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