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The Ashurst Electric stoves uses the latest LED flame technology to create a feeling of warmth in the room. The option to have the flame effect on with no heat gives an all year round use for the stove.

The Ashurst LED stove features a traditional cylindrical design. With its well-crafted steel body and textured paint finish it is sure to stand out in any room. Turn the heat up with the remote and enjoy a variety of flame and fuel bed displays.

Product Specifications:

Supply Voltage 220–240V AC
Rating Power 50Hz, 2000W
Fuse Rating 13 Amp
Heating Elements 2000W
Lighting LED
Location: Indoor-use only
Power cord length 1.6m

Product Features:

Flame-brightness control
Full burn effect or flame-only effect
Full thermostatic control
Remote Control Handset
3-pin plug included

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