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Radiance Inset Electric Fires

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Radiance inset electric fires are offered in a choice of three sizes, to suit your personal tastes. Instantly catching the eye, these breath-taking designer fires will add a stylish warmth wherever they are installed.

All sizes feature the same variable heat output between 1.0kW and 2.0kW and benefit from convenient thermostatic control.

Presented as the frameless Edge, the Gazco Radiance Inset electric fire forms a striking hole-in-the-wall focal point – with its flawless lines and pure view of the mesmeric amber or blue flame effects.

The Inset Edge’s streamlined design requires only a 180mm* pre-constructed cavity for installation, allowing your home’s interior to both frame and enhance this ultra-contemporary fire.

Radiance Inset Edge Information Fire Size  Heat Output  Dimensions w x h*:

Radiance 85R 1 - 2kW 901 x 336mm
Radiance 105R 1 - 2kW 1101 x 336mm
Radiance 135R 1 - 2kW 1401 x 336mm
Radiance 195R 1 - 2kW 2001 x 336mm


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