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At The Woodburning Centre we can supply a high quality range of marble and stone fireplaces. A hand carved fireplace is steeped in tradition. Carving, figuring and polishing a fireplace by hand is time consuming. Modern technology and tooling has helped but it remains the delicate movement of a skilled artisan that can turn a block of marble or limestone into a stunning fireplace. Our collection of stone and marble fireplaces features the latest in contemporary design as well as traditional and classical favourites.

The Stone

Marfil Stone - Marfil Stone is a manufactured stone which has become very popular due to its uniformity of appearance and its beautiful finish, a mix of two delicate creams expertly blended together.
Spanish Cream Marfil - A beautiful natural marble with subtle veining in a variety of hues. One of the most sought after marbles in the world. Spanish Cream Marfil has a proud heritage and can be found throughout the world wherever opulence and sophistication are desired.
Black Granite - Black Granite is a homogeneous stone featuring no veining, yet with a subtle crystalline finish. When polished it takes on a wonderful shine and patina and has been used for thousands of years as a decorative and structural stone.
Ivory Pearl - Ivory Pearl is another manufactured stone which has been growing in popularity over the last few years, due to its delicate veining which offsets its beautifully finished ivory pearl colouring.
Bianco Marfil - This stone is a combination of the best that granite and limestone can offer. In appearance, it polishes up to a uniform white finish, reminiscent of limestone, but has the toughness and ease of care that granite can offer. This stone is a perfect match for both contemporary and traditional designs.