Ductable Pellet stove. Sliding top for feeding pellet.
Cast iron combustion chamber.
Smoke outlet Ø 8 cm rear.
NIGHT function, RELAX function (Deactivatable hot air ventilation)
Remote control with “e-paper”, low consumption technology.
Shiny white ceramic
Parchment ceramic
Bordeaux ceramic

• Kit Wi-Fi

Technical data

• width 65cm
• depth 63cm
• height 122cm
• useful output 3,5/14 kW
• efficiency 90%
• fuel consumption (pellet) 0,8/3,2 kg/h
• tank capacity 25kg
• autonomy 8/31 h
• Ø combustion product outlet 8cm
• Ø external air intake 4cm
• total weight 180kg
• vol. that can be heated 365m³