Sally Plus Ceramic

Pellet stove with rounded front and curved glass.
Combustion chamber in cast iron and steel. Smoke outlet Ø 8 cm upper or rear.
Available with ceramic covering in 3 colours: Parchment, cream white and red.
SALLY PLUS Channelling version: by a fan it is possible to blow hot air into an adjacent (kit 11) or distant (kit 11 bis) room.
Includes remote control.

Technical data

• width 57cm
• depth 62 cm
• height 111cm
• useful output 3/10 kW
• efficiency 90 %
• fuel consumption (pellet) 0,7/2,3 kg/h
• tank capacity 25 kg
• autonomy 10/31 h
• Ø combustion product outlet 8 cm
• Ø external air intake 4cm
• total weight 237 kg
• vol. that can be heated 260m³