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Michela 12D


The Kalor Michela 12 Ductable Air Stove is similar to a standard Air Stove but the heat produced can be "ducted" to another room via a simple duct at the rear of the stove. The Michela 12 Ductable offers stunning, yet simple design that would suit any interior. Available in three colours and offering efficiency of almost 93%, the Michela 12 Ductable is a superb choice in terms of efficiency, design and value for money.

Kalor Michela 12 Ductable Features:

    Sleek, modern design
    High efficiency - Kalor Perfecta line
    Stunning aesthetics
    Luxurious, ceramic sides and top
    Monoblock - ceramic structure, hand welded
    Removable, air tight ash box
    Programmable LED control panel
    Thermostatic control
    Five-step power setting
    Extra duct connection at rear
    High temperature resistant, glass-ceramic window
    Remote Control
    Choice of colours


Wood pellet stove with ducted heat
Option to duct heat into one additional room (3 – 4m max.)
Average Thermal Heat Input (Min – Max): 2.84 – 10.1kW
Performance Efficiency (Min – Max): 89.53 – 92.70%
Nominal Overall Power Yield (Min – Max): 2.63 – 9.04kW
Approx. Heating Capacity – Poor Insulation: 40 – 150m2
Approx. Heating Capacity – Good Insulation: 120 – 450m2
Pellet Consumption (Min – Max): 0.6 – 2.0kg/hr
Pellet Tank Capacity: 13kg
Approx. burn time (Min – Max): 6.5 – 22hrs
Flue Outlet Diameter: 80mm
Electrical Requirement (working): 100W
Electrical Requirement (starting): 300W
Net Weight: 91kg
Dimensions (H x W x D): 996 x 470 x 476mm
Specifications & products may change at any time & without notice

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