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Kalor Pellet Slimline Stoves

The Woodburning Centre is an authorised dealer for Kalor Wood Pellet Stoves.

Kalor Slimline Stoves - Slim, space-saving design.

Kalor bring a wide selection of Slimline Wood Pellet Stoves to the market which offer a neat, slim design and despite their size, extremely high efficiency. These also offer beautiful aesthetics and come in various colours. Kalor Wood Pellet Stoves are the most efficient on the market across a variety of types and styles and their range of Slimline Stoves are no different, offering efficiencies of over 96%. A Kalor Slimline Wood Pellet Stove is only 249mm (10") deep! These are suitable for tight spaces are are ideal for smaller rooms or for installation on existing hearths, although you should check that use with existing hearths is acceptable under current Building Regulations for hearths.

Many of the Kalor Slimline range are also ductable, meaning that heat can be easily distributed to other rooms above and/or adjacent to the stove itself. The ductable feature is fully controllable and is adjusted with a simple lever on the front of the stove or via the control panel or remote control (Giada 12D only). Kalor Slimline Wood Pellet Stoves are offered in Air Stove models, Ductable models and Boiler models.

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