Instyle 1000

1 metre wide wood fire insert

The Instyle 1000, 1 metre wide wood stove can be inserted into a standard UK brick chimney. It can also be built into a pre-fabricated chimneybreast to create a spectacular letterbox-style wood fire. It has a heat output range from 9 - 13 kW and an impressive energy efficiency rating of 78%. Furthermore, it has DEFRA approval.


Brand     Dik Geurts
Series     Instyle/Prostyle
Category     Wood fires
Model     Built-in, Insert
Fire view     Front
Shape     Horizontal
Fuel     Wood
Combustion system     Open combustion
Door type     Hinged door
Control     Manual control
Colours     Dark anthracite
Material     Steel
Interior     Vermiculite natural
Output net min     9
Output net max     13
Max. log length (cm)     50
Efficiency (%)     78
Consumption wood max (kg/h)     3.1
CO emission (%-13% O2)     0.08
NOx emission (mg/Nm3-13% O2)     164
Built-in depth (mm)     400
Fire view width (mm)     860
Fire view height (mm)     437
Weight (kg)     145
Flue top (mm)     180
External air connection     Optional
Convection connection     Y
230V necessary     N
Approvals     DIN+, custom.sku.Keuringen.EN13229, custom.sku.Keuringen.FlammeVerte, BlmSchV
Dimensions     Click for PDF-file