Instyle Tunnel

instyle tunnel

Smart see-through wood fire.

The Instyle Tunnel is a see-through wood stove that can be built into a pre-fabricated chimneybreast or used as a part of a room dividing wall. With hinged doors on either side, it is both visually impressive and practical. It has a heat output range from 9 - 12 kW and an impressive energy efficiency rating of 83%.

Brand     Dik Geurts
Series     Instyle/Prostyle
Category     Wood fires
Model     Built-in, Insert
Fire view     Tunnel
Shape     Square
Fuel     Wood
Combustion system     Closed combustion, Open combustion
Door type     Hinged door
Control     Manual control
Colours     Dark anthracite
Material     Steel
Interior     Vermiculite natural
Output net min     9
Output net max     12
Max. log length (cm)     50
Efficiency (%)     83
Consumption wood max (kg/h)     2.9
CO emission (%-13% O2)     0.079
NOx emission (mg/Nm3-13% O2)     28
Built-in depth (mm)     550
Fire view width (mm)     560
Fire view height (mm)     457
Weight (kg)     140
Flue top (mm)     180
External air connection     Including
Convection connection     Y
230V necessary     X
Approvals     DIN+, custom.sku.Keuringen.EN13229, custom.sku.Keuringen.FlammeVerte, BlmSchV