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esse 1

4.9kW heat output; efficiency 75%

We think everyone should have a chance to own a beautiful cast-iron wood-burning stove, and the ESSE 1 is designed to make that possible. It’s affordably priced, but far from basic: a high-quality hand-built ESSE stove with clean-burning performance to match its classic looks.

As you would expect from ESSE, we haven’t cut corners in creating a more affordable stove. Elegant and easy to use, the ESSE 1 features a simple handle with no riddling grate, yet still offers you all the burn rate control of one our top-of-the-range stoves.

As for heating performance, we guarantee you won’t be disappointed:
the ESSE 1 will make easy work of keeping your living space cosily warm in a clean and environmentally responsible manner.

And here’s fuel for thought. If you’re not sure about burning wood, or using it exclusively, the ESSE 1 can also be supplied as a multifuel model capable of burning either wood or mineral fuel.

Available as a wood only or multifuel model

Top or rear flue

Compatible with an ESSE log store


Width     410
Height     511
Depth     380
Suitable for use in smoke control areas     Yes
Tertiary Air     Yes
Flue Draft Test Point     Yes
Adjustable Feet     Yes
Flue Diameter     125
Flue Outlet     Top or Rear
Centre of top flue from back     155
Centre of rear flue from floor     400

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