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ESSE 100 Double Door

esse 100 dd

5kW heat output; efficiency 82%

If you like the beautifully robust good looks of our best-selling 100 model, but would prefer traditional double doors, you’ve just found precisely the stove you are looking for . . .

Like its single-door sibling, this is a classic ESSE wood-burner – providing a heart-warming rustic focal-point for your living space, combined with 21st century energy-efficiency and all-round performance.

To enjoy the flames to the full, there’s no need to burn with the doors open – thanks to ESSE’s advanced Afterburn™ airwash technology, which gives you exceptional burn rate control, while keeping the glass door clear at all times.

For even greater use of enjoyment, the 100 DD is compatible with our advanced automatic electric ignition technology; so, no need for matches, lighter or kindling.

It can be installed with a top or rear flue, and is also available with a 300mm tall log store.

Weight 84kg

Clearances to combustibles: 600mm sides, 450mm top, 305mm front & 600mm rear.


Efficiency     82%
11 DD SE     Smoke control area approved
Flue Pipe Diameter     5" (125mm)
Approved For Use On Decorative Hearths?     Yes
Additional Room Vent Required?     Yes
Logs     5kW
Anthracite     4.8kW
Clearances to Combustibles
Sides     600mm
Top     450mm
Front     305mm
Rear     600mm

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