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Henley Stoves

Henley Stoves is one of Ireland’s leading stove companies based in Kerry with an extensive background in the stove industry. The core aim at Henley is to provide a genuine quality product at affordable prices and to provide an exceptional customer service.

All Henley stoves are designed to burn wood and smokeless fuels. Our design team invested considerable time to develop the unique combustion technology that is featured in the Druid range. It is one of the cleanest burning stoves in the world. Due to its triple tertiary air system, the combustion efficiency is one of the best in the world and it also enhances the visual effect of your lighting fire during the burn cycle, that enhances the visual effect of when the fire is light. In a nutshell, you will always have a beautiful dancing flame. All our stoves are tested to the highest standard, we have worked closely with our testing partners in Kiwa Gastech UK. The laboratory commented that the Druid 5kW and Druid 8kW reached one of the highest rating of its class. The results out rated the leading stove manufactures in Europe.

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We are happy to answer your questions and never try to persuade customers into buying something that they don’t really want or that won’t meet their needs. Unlike some of the very big suppliers in this business, we aren’t simply interested in ‘selling you the box’ and leaving you to work out what to do on your own.