Herald 14 Double Sided

herald14 double
Here’s a view as beautiful as a sunset – and infinitely more interesting than a white radiator. If you’ve got a big room to heat, a multi-fuel stove is the romantic choice. The Herald 8 and 14 both come in double depth models – perfect if you want to seriously boost the output. Since it will undoubtedly become the centrepiece of your room, tailor your double-sided model to suit your style. Customise it with a high or low canopy, single or double doors, with or without crosses. It’s exactly the stove you’ve always wanted.


Heat Output Range (kW)     14 - 25
Nominal Output (kW)     17.8
Defra Approved     No
Efficiency (%)     71.1
CO Emissions (at 13% O2) (%)     0.35
Air Brick Required     Yes
Can be installed on a 12mm hearth     No
Weight (kg)     270
Stove Technology     Tripleburn Technology
Hot Airwash (to keep the glass clean)     Yes
Canopy Option     Low and High Canopy
Boiler Option     N/A